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Which is the Best Sealcoating Method: Spray or Squeegee?

Which is the Best Sealcoating Method Spray or Squeegee - Donovan Sealcoating
Spray or Squeegee - Donovan Sealcoating

When it comes to sealcoating your driveway or parking lot, using the right application method is crucial to achieving optimal results. While some often choose sealcoating brush ways, two more effective methods that professionals use are spray application and squeegee application. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand which is best for your property.

If you’re one of those people who get confused between spray and squeegee, you’ve come to the right place. This article will delve into the details of each tool and the appropriate times to use them in seal coating. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Understanding Squeegee Application

Squeegee seal coating is a traditional method that manually spreads a thick asphalt sealer layer over the surface using a squeegee. This application technique requires a skilled operator who can ensure an even and consistent coverage across the pavement. This method is often preferred for smaller areas or intricate spaces where precision is crucial.

One key advantage of this application is its ability to fill in cracks and voids effectively. The hands-on approach allows the operator to work the sealer into the asphalt, providing a more thorough seal. This method particularly benefits older pavements with visible wear and tear, as restoring their integrity helps rejuvenate the surface.

Understanding Squeegee Application - Donovan Sealcoating

While squeegee seal coating may be time-consuming compared to using a sealcoat sprayer, its meticulous application makes it an ideal choice for projects that demand attention to detail.

Advantages of Squeegee Application

Here are some of the advantages you can get when you choose this type of application:

Time Efficiency

While squeegee seal coating may seem labor-intensive, it offers time efficiency for certain projects. The controlled, manual application ensures that the sealer is distributed evenly, minimizing the need for touch-ups or rework. This can be especially advantageous for areas with intricate details or irregular shapes, where precision is crucial.

Ensuring an Even Coat

One of the primary advantages of squeegee application is its ability to provide an even coat of sealer across the entire surface. The hands-on technique allows the operator to work the sealer into the pavement, filling in cracks and voids effectively.

This thorough application helps enhance the durability and longevity of the asphalt surface, providing a protective barrier against the elements.

No Room for Streaks

Unlike using a seal coat sprayer, which may sometimes result in uneven coverage and streaks, squeegee seal coating virtually eliminates this issue. The controlled and methodical process ensures that the sealer is evenly spread, leaving a smooth and visually appealing finish without streaks or uneven patches.

This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the pavement but also contributes to the overall effectiveness of the seal coating.

Visual Appeal: Achieving a Beautiful Finish

Beyond the functional benefits, squeegee seal coating is known for delivering a visually appealing finish. The method allows for meticulous detailing and precision, producing a smooth and consistent surface. This aesthetic advantage is particularly significant for projects where the pavement’s appearance is a crucial consideration.

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Spray Application: The Manual Approach

Whether it’s a commercial property seeking a polished look or a residential driveway aiming for a well-maintained appearance, the squeegee application method ensures a beautiful finish that enhances the overall visual appeal of the asphalt surface.

Spray Application The Manual Approach - Donovan Sealcoating

Spray on asphalt sealer offers a contrasting method to squeegee application, utilizing specialized equipment to evenly distribute asphalt sealer across the pavement surface. This method is particularly favored for larger areas where speed and efficiency are paramount. The process begins with thoroughly cleaning the pavement, similar to the squeegee method, preparing it for the sealer application.

The key advantage of using a sprayer to seal lies in its ability to cover extensive areas quickly. With the use of specialized sprayer equipment, the operator can evenly distribute the sealer, achieving a consistent coat in a fraction of the time compared to manual methods. While not as meticulous as the squeegee approach, spray sealcoating is well-suited for projects with tight timelines or where efficiency is a top priority.

Drawbacks of Spray Application

While spray sealcoating is efficient for covering large areas, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. One notable concern is the potential for streaks and potholes. The high-speed application process may result in uneven sealer distribution, especially in areas with irregular surfaces or intricate details. This unevenness can compromise the effectiveness of the sealcoating, leaving some parts of the pavement more vulnerable to deterioration than others.

Risk of Streaks and Uneven Coating

The fast-paced nature of spray application poses a risk of streaks and uneven coating. The equipment used for spraying may not always provide the meticulous control needed for intricate areas, leading to variations in coverage. Streaks can detract from the visual appeal of the pavement. They may also indicate areas where the protective seal is not applied evenly, potentially leaving the asphalt susceptible to premature wear and damage.

Time-Consuming Process

Contrary to the efficiency expectation, spray application can become time-consuming in certain scenarios. The need for meticulous preparation, including masking off adjacent surfaces to avoid overspray, can add to the overall project duration. Additionally, the potential for uneven coating may require extra time for touch-ups or corrections. While this method is advantageous for its speed, these considerations highlight the importance of hiring a contractor to ensure a quality finish that meets both aesthetic and protective requirements.

Spray vs. Squeegee: A Comparative Analysis

When deciding between spray and squeegee sealcoating methods, weigh the pros and cons of each approach to determine the most suitable option for your project. Below is a comparative analysis highlighting key factors that can influence your choice:

AspectSpray ApplicationSqueegee Application
Application SpeedRapid application, ideal for large areas with time constraintsMethodical process, more time-consuming but precise
Even CoatingRisk of streaks and uneven coverageMeticulous application ensures an even and consistent coat
AspectSpray ApplicationSqueegee Application
Suitability for Detail WorkQuick coverage but may lack precision in intricate areasIdeal for smaller projects or areas with intricate details
Crack and Void FillingLimited ability to work sealer into cracks and voidsEffectively fills cracks and voids due to manual application
Visual AppealPotential for an uneven finish may require additional touch-upsProvides a visually appealing, smooth, and consistent surface
Project SizeWell-suited for large-scale projectsParticularly beneficial for smaller or more detailed applications
Operator Skill LevelRequires less operator skill due to equipment efficiencySkilled contractors are needed for precision and thorough coverage

This comparative analysis aims to assist you in making an informed decision based on your project’s specific requirements and priorities. Whether prioritizing speed, precision, or visual appeal, understanding these fundamental differences will guide you toward the most suitable seal coating method for your pavement maintenance needs.

Choosing the Best Method for Your Driveway

Selecting the most suitable seal coating method for your driveway involves careful consideration of various factors. Understanding the specific needs of your pavement and aligning them with your project goals will guide you in making an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Method for Your Driveway - Donovan Sealcoating

Assessing Individual Needs

Begin by evaluating the current condition of your driveway. If it’s a smaller area with intricate details or visible wear and tear, squeegee application might be the optimal choice. The manual approach allows for thorough coverage, effectively filling cracks and voids. On the other hand, spray application could be more efficient if you have a larger driveway and time is of the essence. Assessing the individual needs of your driveway, including its size, condition, and level of detail, will help determine whether a rapid, broad application or a more meticulous, hands-on approach is better suited for your project.

Aligning with Project Goals

Consider your overarching project goals when choosing between spray vs squeegee. If your primary concern is achieving a quick and efficient application, using a sprayer might align better with your goals. However, if you prioritize a visually appealing finish with precise coverage, especially in areas with specific design requirements, squeegee application could be the ideal

choice. Aligning your project goals with the unique characteristics of each method ensures that the seal coating process not only meets your expectations but also enhances overall longevity and aesthetics.


Understanding the nuances of each technique is essential for making an informed decision based on your specific pavement maintenance needs. Whether you prioritize the efficiency of spray application for large areas or the precision of squeegee application for detailed projects, the key lies in aligning the method with your individual goals.

Driveway Squeegee Sealcoating Service - Donovan Sealcoating

Ultimately, the choice between spray and squeegee sealcoating depends on project size, pavement condition, and the desired finish. Assessing these elements will guide you toward the method that not only enhances the longevity and durability of your driveway but also meets your aesthetic preferences.

For personalized guidance and the best sealcoating contractor, consider contacting Donovan Sealcoating. With a team of experienced professionals, they can help you navigate the nuances of spray and squeegee sealcoating, ensuring a tailored solution for your pavement maintenance project. Enhance your driveway’s longevity and curb appeal by choosing the right sealcoating method with Donovan Sealcoating.

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